Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gossip Girl: THE FINALE

The End. After six years of Gossip Girl, the series finaly ended  last night, revealing us that Dan was all this time Gossip Girl.
During the episode he explained that while exposing everyones secrets it was all about fitting in their society and trying to get together with Serena. There were even some flashbacks as he was for the first time invited by acceident to a party where he first saw Serena van der Woodsen. 
After creating the website he got hints from people about The Group and posted them. Seeing Serena arriving in New York, made him realise how much he wanted her and introduced himself for the first time on GG as "Lonley Boy". 
During the episode it shows Serena and Dan reuniting while Blair and Chuck got married and the last minutes is a loop of some years where Serena and Dan are getting married, showing Blair and Chuck's kid, Jenny and Eric returning to the Upper East Side and Rufus having a new girlfriend while Lilly is back togheter with Serena's father.
All in all it was a great last episode, but in my opinion the loop scene was the best. It is always nice to see how the characters develope and see their achivments within the years. 

What's your opinion about The Finale?

I LOVED her wedding dress. It was simple and very elegant. And of course the "crown" couldn't be missing, it was all the time her trademark.

 Chuck and Blair took by police during the wedding.

Great show!


  1. Nice blog you have. where do you are from?

  2. acum m-am uitat si eu, parca asteptam mai mult de la ultimult episod:d

    te astept la mine pe blog pentru un giveaway fab:)


    1. Sincer si eu, dar mi.a placut finalu. Lovely blog you have btw.

  3. I watched the finale, too! Now I have to rewatch every season to check if Dan as Gossip Girl makes sense!!! :)



    1. I know what you mean, I thought about that too :)) haha.


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