Friday, December 9, 2011

New Year's Eve Dress

So I know many of us don't know what to wear on nye, that's why I decided to show you some trends/dresses that you could wear.
I know it's early to think of that and many of you don't even know what to wear on Christmas but I always decided earlier.

The first type of dress is the sequin dress. I think it's really elegant and it suites a more sofisticated party. My choice is:

I love sweetheart necklines and when I first saw this dress I decided to make one of my one. I hope that until Christmas I finish it and i will post it here.
Last year i wore a black velvet dress. It had a square neckline and was pretty short.
The next pick is a velvet dress:
If you wanna seduce someone or just look seductive you can choose a red dress. I can promise that every guy is going to look at you.

I also think that with an abstract dress you can impress so my pick is: 

Next on my pick list is the lace dress. 
This one is from Asos and is on sale right now.

A new "favorite" on my list is the bodycon dress, that is also from Asos.

As I searched on the internet I found this dress that Alexa Chung wore at an event. She matched the dress with her clutch and I can say it looks stuning!
And that last one is the LBD

I hope you enjoyed it and that you will find your dress soon.


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