Sunday, December 4, 2011

Unfortunately it's Sunday..

Yes! It's probably the worst they of the week...for me at least. I'm always super tired and in no mood of doing anything for Monday, but at least it's warm outside even though I hope it's going to snow soon. :)
I love staying outside and watching the snow falling down. But i hate that it's getting dark at 4 p.m. Dont't you?
Well where I live, I can see the citadel from my window and when everything is covered in snow, it's just magical! The lights and the snow, all the trees and streets in snow are so beautiful! Yes...these are only dreams, that I hope will become soon reality. I hope that on Christmas Eve there will be louds of snow! But until then.... this is how it looks like:

Sorry for the bad quality on the first picture. I promise I will take some good ones. There I was just testing my new zoom lens for my Canon :)
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