Friday, January 11, 2013

Foundation: Apply it perfectly

I don't know how you guys are, but I am obsessed with having a perfect face. Maybe it is because I am a little perfectionist, buuut I was searching for the perfect foundation routine for a while now and I finally found it. I thought today, why not share it with you guys?! Well, I will do a little step by step and tell you what to do to get that perfect face and at the end of my post there is an explanation of every foundation brush and powder brush listed.

 When you choose your foundation make sure it is the right color. NEVER test in on the back of your hand, do it directly on your face and see how it looks like. To be sure you found the perfect one, go into the sunlight and see if it is visible.

Moving on to the instructions of how to use foundation correctly...

 First thing you need to know is that you have to have a clean your face, before adding any foundation to have the best results possible. If you have done that, you will need to hydrate your face if your skin is dry, find an oil-free formula for oily skin, if that is your type of skin, or for a sensitive skin a noncomedogenic formula.
I'm the type of person that doesn't like to use that much foundation on my face and since I have oily skin it is quite uncomfortable for me to feel the foundation a whole day on my face. I mark my t-zone with a concelear and the red spots and then I blend.

 Remember not to use your fingers when you apply foundation, or even if, wash your hands very good firstly.

 When applying the foundation, deppending what kind you use, take a foundation brush ( I use the liquid brush) and patt the foundation lightly into your skin, all over your face and neck and than blend it to get a flawless finsih. 
To fix your foundation take a powder brush (all over) and powder your face lightly, and than contour and highlight your face.You can check out my contour and highlight tutorial here.

Enjoy practicing and remember that your skin tone changes every season, so your foundation needs to be changed as well.

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