Thursday, January 10, 2013

December Haul

 December. I decided to make a post with the clothes I bought back in december and wasn't able to show them to you...until now. I am a fan of sweaters and peplum tops. I know it may seem weird to buy peplum top without sleeves in December, but I just couldn't help it. 

 When it comes to sweaters, I want them in all colors and shapes. I mostly wear looser sweaters, even if they don't really fit in my jacket, for example the grey and black one on the right is like that. (hihi) 
Also I always, and I mean always, buy at least one scarf in the winter time. I just like to switch them, so that my outfit won't look the same every single day. When I bought the scarf, I also bought a pair of burgundy jeans. They might seem red in the picture but they are burundy. I love the color and I was searching for a perfect pair for a while now.

My collection is growing month by month and I just can't help it. I LOVE shoes, especially heels. I was looking for some black pumps and I found the perfect ones at ZARA, but when I got to the store they didn't had them on my size, since I am a 36. I always am unlucky with shoes, because this size is very searched. least I found these ones, with a much lower heel(not really my style), that I still like.

Coming to the jacket now, I am in love with it. It was like love at first sight. I can't say that much about it, just that I bought right away, without any second thoughts. I promise I will make a post with it.

 Grey sweater - Zara
Cream sweater - Pieces
Red sweater - C.A.T.O
Burgundy jeans -Vero Moda
Scarf -Vero Moda
Electric blue cardigan - Pieces
Peplum Top - New Look
Grey/black sweater - C&A
Jacket - Stradivarius


  1. I LOVE grey sweater from Zara :))) !

  2. Nice buying!

    & Happy new year!

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    Hope to see you on it!

    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

  3. Great choices! Would you like to follow each other? Kisses!

  4. Love your sweaters..they are sooo cute :)
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  5. Nice haul, I like the heels !

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