Monday, January 7, 2013

Spring/Summer 2013

Spring/Summer.Do you know what the fashion trends are for this year spring/summer? I made a mini list of my favourite trends and style ideas.


 My first pick is the kimono trend. I loved the idea of wearing something so traditional, but making it look so urban at the same time. I would probably go with a kimono on a chill spring night,pair it with a skirt and some heels, to make it look more feminine. One more thing that I LOVE about this trend is the figure flattering form it gives you, when you tie the kimono.


This is not new, but I will always love it. Wearing fringe skirts is so making you look more different than the others. I always pair a fringe skirt with a simple top, just for the simple fact that you might end up like a clown(and you don't want that). I never tried a fringe dress but this year might be 'the year'.

3. Ruffles and peplums:

How could ruffles and peplums be missing from a womens closet?! I think every women should have at least one piece. This season is no exception and it looks like the designers were thinking this too. The flowers are coming out, the sun will shine more, the temperature will be higher, so this is the perfect weather to dress feminine and show your figure. Remember that ruffles are a womens MUST-HAVE. From skirts to tops, even swin suits, you can find ruffles everywhere, just don't overdo your outfit with them.(remember to keep it simple with them)

 4. Checks pattern:

I remember when I was little and my mom had so many check patternd skirts and I hated them, but looking into her closet now, I see what treasures those are. Not only skirts, but checked heels are in my fave list these year too. What checks pattern clothes will you wear most?

5. Metalics:

 Sine bright like a diamond.. said the designers. Another trend this season are the metalics. This one might not really 'attract' you right away, but maybe you will find the right piece to turn it into someting awesome. I wouldn't a dress, but a top or a skirt would be perfect. I think this trend is pretty sexy.

6. The colors and inspos

As of what I have seen black and white comes up a lot in their collections, but it is summer, so flowers and colorful patterns don't go missing. Dolce & Gabbana showed in their collection the best of the italians. Their inspiration were the 50's. Since the 50's and 40's were my favourite years of style inspo, it is obvious that Dolce&Gabbana got to my heart right away.

7. Necklaces

Let's not forget about our accesoires. Statment necklaces were a must last year, and it seems like this year they are even bigger and tighter to the neck. Statment necklaces are for sure something I wear every single day. They make my outfit from simple to look more sofisticated and creative, in a way or another... For me these are my IT-pieces.

8. Shoes:

Well.. My I will never have enough of them. But to be honest I never bought a pair of gladiators. Fore sure this will change. You can wear them with anything. From sofisticated looks to casual ones. High heeled or flat, they will look great no matter what.

So, what is your favourite trend? Let me know :-)


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    1. Me too, especially in summer and spring. Btw, you have a great blog!<3


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