Monday, February 25, 2013

Time For Ombre Hair

Excuses, excuses.Sorry, guys, for beeing such a bad blogger. I promised to update my blog with new outfits, but I always end up with something to do and don't have the time for it. I hope this will change soon. 
In the last weeks I was busy with all kinds of stuff. From school to some exchange students from England. The groupe was awesome, we had a lot of fun and we all hope that they return in summer again. Besides them, I am preparing for some important exams, so these are the reasons why I can't post that often. 
Well, anyway, I hope you like this outfit. The photos were taken 2 weeks ago, when there was snow and pretty cold weather, but I'm happy because now it's sunny and warm again. It feels like spring! Which remindes me, that I wanna get my ombre hair back and I am thinking about dying it again. What do you think? It will probably return anyway...

Pants-Vero Moda


  1. Wow! your are so pretty and I love your hair :) I want your sneakers, have been lookin for those!

  2. Love the ombre hair! Looks beautiful! X

  3. you look great, dear!

    kisses, Lorena


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