Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY From Old To New: Skirt

Have you ever had those days when the weather is bad, you are surfing the internet and find  something really cute, like a skirt in my case, and want it so bad, but can't order it, because the website only ships to the U.S.? Well.. I kind of had a "thing" like that 2 weeks ago. I was so disspointed when I found the perfect skirt with the perfect cut and colors, but couldn't order it. So after cleaning my closet and bringing back the spring items in, I found an old skirt from my mother and immediatley recognized the pattern. It was like the skirt that I fell in love with. My head just had a big "bang!!" and I already saw that skirt transformed. 

 Obviously this skirt was longer than my average length, that I usually like to wear, somwehere over the knees, so I had to cut it, but leave the pleates(foldings). To make it fit my waist I needed an elastic, so it can be stretchy and ruffled. 

Items you will need:
  • an old skirt;
  • scrissor;
  • thread;
  • elastic;
  • neadle or a sewing machine; 

 1. Take the skirt and turn it over. Take another skirt, like I did, so it will make it easier for you, and put it on the skirt you want to create and cut it to the desired length. If you want to keep the waistband from your old skirt, put the other skirt over the old one on top and cut from the bottom. If you do it like me, put the skirt(yellow) on the bottom of the old one and cut it at the top. Keep in mind to leave some space for the waistband. You should measure the elastic before, so you know how much space to leave. Better leave a bit more than less.

2.After you are finished with the cut, take the elastic and measure it around your waist. Cut it and sew it on the skirt to fix it. Fold over the top edge to create the casing for the waistband.Using your sewing machine or by hand, sew along the edge of the fabric to secure the waistband casing. Do this for the whole length of fabric. I did it by hand first and then did it by machine.
 3. Now take a chop stick and push the elastic through. To create the waistband, sew the ends of the elastic together and the material as well, so there won't remain any wholes.

VoilĂ , you have your own, fantastic skirt, perfect for any season!


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