Friday, April 5, 2013

Break and updates

While watching my new favourite show, The Carrie Diaries, and enjoying some cappucino and croisant, I thought to share with you my week and  and a little shopping haul all in one. I had the great opportinuity to experince the life of a student for a week and get to know some colleges, but of course the night life there with my best friend, Tania. Getting closer to be a student, this was something I couldn't miss and like that my "journey" began.

My destination was Cluj-Napoca, a big city with 5 colleges and over 100.000 students. Getting ready wasn't easy, I didn't know for sure what to pack with me so I decided to put something extra in case of "emergency". With everything packed and very entusiastic, my trip started. The trip was by train, and it took us 4 hours to arrive. Once there, my best friend was waiting for me at the train station and I had to run to the college presentation. Not quite entertaining, but still.. Actaully there were a class that I really liked. I had to separate DNA (or something like that), to + and - and had to color it and had the great opportunity to see through a microscope some cancer cells. This is not what I would like to study, but it was very interesting and fun.

After arriving at her dorm room we thought about what to do at night, while getting ready - doing make-up, hair and getting dressed. The city was crowded even at night and so many young people were rushing trough the streets, as the weather was cold and the rain was dropping on my trench and heels . Pubs and clubs were everywhere, with tousands of offers for students. We went to a bar or something like that and later in a club. People there really know how to party and have fun.
I was shocked I still had the power to walk during day, considering the fact that sleeping in a dorm room with 2 other girls was fun and exausting at the same time. I was like a zombie, but I'm glad I didn't fall asleep during presentations and could focuse on them. 
Cluj is a city that never sleeps, and that's a fact. It doesn't matter at what time and what day you want to go out, there is always something going on.

(a photo of me and my dear friends)

The people I met the places I saw,
Long story short, my trip was everyday something like this...during day college vistings and at night visiting clubs and pubs, hanging with my friends, laughing, joking and simply having fun. My friends really made this trip special to me and to remember. Thank you ! :)

Here are 3 photos from Cluj(I am not the author):

(Cluj-Napoca at night)
(St. Michael's Church)


  1. Your blog is gorgeous! I can't wait to start looking at colleges and universities. It sounds like a great place to go to!

    I have followed your on blogger- I was wondering if your could check out my blog??

    Olivia xxx

    1. Thank you! I wish you good luck with finding the perfect one for you!


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